As at this time of year a lot of us have set new goals (and maybe reset some old ones) and quite often I get a call when people are not attaining the results that they want, or they are attaining them, but maybe not as quickly or as easily as they would desire.

Firstly, I’d like to share a story with you that I was once told. It’s a story about a Lecturer and a Caretaker. The story says that one day a Caretaker of a college wandered into a lecture room to go about his normal cleaning duties. Upon entering the room he is amazed to see eleven chalk boards covered with writings and equations on motivation, at the last board stood the Professor, rubbing his head and mumbling to himself. “Can I help?” asks the Caretaker, “I doubt it very much” replies the Professor, “I’m perplexed. I’ve given my students all this amazing information, solved all the issues for them and made success so simple for them…” he took a deep breath “…and yet still they don’t understand, they give up too easily and let failure follow them around”
The Caretaker leaves his mop and bucket at the first board and then proceeds to study each board, one after the other. As he moves around the boards the Professor asks incredulously “What do you think you can do?”
The Caretaker, used to hearing that kind of question, answers simply “Just see it from a different perspective”
Upon reaching the last board, the Caretaker picks up the chalk and writes on the board in big letters, all the time the Professor observing in disbelief.
The Caretaker steps away from the board revealing to the Professor his perspective on things –
In big letters he had written just two simple words, as he stepped back he said to the Professor, “You don’t need all these boards, all this information. You need the right students, students that want what you have to share”
On the board was the summary of all the problems his students faced –

I wanted to share that story with you to help illustrate the Secret to Attaining all your Goals, and to say to you that whatever a coach or consultant, whether they are for business or lifestyle, can show you can only go so far, as with anything in life, ultimately, it is you that will make the difference.

A coach CAN show you different and perhaps more efficient ways of achieving what you want. They CAN be be the "Caretaker" in the story giving you a different perspective, just because they aren't an expert in your field. Most importantly a successful coach should be able to find a link between your desired outcome and a strong personal motivator, a link the makes it really easy for you to take the action to achieve the goal. So, maybe as a caveat to the story, the Lecturer does not need "the right students" as the Caretaker suggests, maybe he just needs to find each students personal motivation button.

For example, think of a favourite activity (hobby, sport, day out, holiday, the bit of your job you enjoy the most, etc), and then notice how easy it is to get motivated for that activity. Then consider for a minute how easy it would be to achieve your goals if you could apply that level of motivation to every goal or outcome you set.

So what is your "GOTTA WANNA" and if you need help to find it you can always give me a call ;-)

Thanks to my Co-Director in abc Business Networking for the loan of the story